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Reynold Aulenbeck Folk Artist

Reynolds Aulenback

Reynolds died on May 26, 2010. He is survived by his wife Marie. Reynolds had been producing folk art since 1989.  He started carving after  hunting one day and cutting a branch that had been in his way.  Days later he turned it into a hiking stick with the likeness of a deer carved into it. He created walking sticks as well as carvings of people, animals and birds -- "whatever I see in the wood."  Reynolds kept busy with his art, playing in bands, songwriting and travelling, and loved a good cup of coffee.  His work is collected all over Canada and the US as well as internationally.
(photo - Reynolds in his workshop)

Our Reynolds Aulenback Collection 
Treebeard Wood Chopper Bearded Old Man Guitar Player Mandoline Player Chimney Sweep
Peace Keeper Mountain Man Composing Spiky Stick Bird Golfer Sold works of Reynolds Aulenback