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Kevin Creaser, Folk Art

Kevin Creaser

Kevin has deep family roots in the community of Lower LaHave, Nova Scotia, where he makes his home with his wife. A carpenter by trade, he devotes seemingly boundless imagination to his paintings and carvings, which are incredibly diverse in nature. A self taught artist, Kevin began carving at age 10, creating sea shell paintings and trophy like carvings of fish, and selling them in his family's restaurant. Later, he turned to wildlife painting, drawing inspiration from artists such as Robert Bateman and Alex Colville. Kevin also paints optical illusions and humorous works, using ideas from nature and dreams. His very elaborate mechanical carvings (trick money banks) are incredibly fascinating and original, and painstakingly crafted, incorporating tricks and illusions that must be figured out before being able to gain entry. "Wacky's Wild Wigs" is one of the last mechanical carvings that Kevin has produced, but we hope to be able to offer more of his magical pieces at a later date.

(Photo - Kevin at home)

Our Kevin Creaser Collection
Wacky's Wild Wigs The Big Spill