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Barbara Furhovde at Folk Art Maritime

Barbara Furhovde

Barbara is a self-taught painter living in Lunenburg, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Her Swiss ancestors (Moser) sailed to Lunenburg Harbour to begin a new life in 1753.
On Corkums Island, near Lunenburg where she grew up, she helped with farm chores and hunted and fished with her brother. Her father, a dory fisherman, sometimes took Barbara aboard the schooners, where she watched the codfish being unloaded to the fish markets along the Lunenburg shores. She taught business subjects in Montreal and spent six years at sea as a cook. She spent her final working years doing payroll and bookkeeping at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg.
Upon retiring, she decided to pursue her love of painting. Many of her efforts reach back to memories of the hardworking men and women of an important era in Lunenburg, which was once known as “The Fishing Capital of Canada”.

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