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Laurie & Maggie Horton

Laurie and Maggie Horton began creating folk art like a lot of artists do - by chance. Their first creation was a small duck, a piece of driftwood that the pair picked up along a beach walk and painted to bring to life. They have been combing the beaches and the woods ever since, finding birds, fish and other creatures along the way. Their work is a team effort - Laurie carves the likeness and Maggie does the finishing paint work. After having been employed as a fisherman and a personal care worker, Laurie and Maggie are both amazed at the work that they now find themselves doing and loving, which Laurie describes as being "damn lovely."

(photos - Laurie & Maggie at the 2010 Lunenburg Folk Art Festival)
Our Laurie & Maggie Horton Collection
Cardinal & Blue Jay Blue Tropical Fish
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