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Everett Lewis at Home- 1972 Everett Lewis (click on photo for a larger view)

Everett was born in 1893 and was a fish peddler until he married Maud Dowley in 1938. She had responded to his ad for a housekeeper. The couple moved into Everett's small one room house in Marshalltown near Digby and Everett took a job as night watchman for an alms house. As Maud's arthritic condition worsened, Everett took care of the house and cut out cardboard templates for Maud to use in her paintings. Maud's popularity grew and she sold many paintings at $5 to $10 each. The U.S. Whitehouse under Richard Nixon ordered two paintings and Maud wisely demanded payment first. Maud died in 1970 and Everett made more templates and painted on his own. He was known to be frugal and to have money stored away in the house or buried outside and in 1979 a young man in search of the hidden money broke into the house and killed Everett in a struggle.

(Photo - Everett at his Marshalltown home - 1972 provided by Liz Hamilton)

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