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Walter Myette

Walter was born in 1900 and began carving life-size birds in 1974. He lived with his wife in a little house in an Acadian village east of Halifax. Sales of his bird carvings picked up after he was filmed by a TV crew canvassing the community for people of interest. He died in 1999. (A compendium of Canadian Folk Artist by Terry Kobayashi & Michael Bird)

"Myette is an Acadian from the Eastern Shore who began carving at age 70 while recuperating from a bout of flu. He said his wife was astonished at the results of his casual chiseling way at a piece of wood. Now Walter creates folk art out of wood, and his colourful birds come in an amazing variety of sizes and shapes from small sitting ducks to large majestic, red and white roosters." (Valley Life,September 12,1989)

our Walter Myette Collection
Grosbeak Red Grosbeak