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Bill Roach, folk artist

William Roach

Bill, a French Acadian born in Cheticamp, has been making a living at carving and painting since 1988. Previous to this, he worked in a variety of manual occupations. Bill has had an interest in art since he was very young, and his methods are completely self taught. He has been commissioned to do many pieces for Nova Scotian museums and private collections, and continues to create from his imagination and wit for the public. Bill's work is on display in Cheticamp at the Sunset Art Gallery which is run by his wife Linda.

(photo - The artist at his workshop door- click on photo for larger view)

our Bill Roach Collection
Bill Roach, Relaxing Day Bill Roach, Alligator Bill Roach Owl & Bird
Jumping Jack Bill Roach Stacked Tutles Bill Roach,Heading to the Fishing Grounds Bill Roach Lady Birdhouse
Maroon Clown Fish Bill Roach Lumberjack Sold Works of Bill Roach