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Charlene Swift,Painter of Primitives

Charlene Swift

Charlene was born on Brier Island where she married and raised four children. She lived there until 2000 when she and her husband moved to the Annapolis Valley. She has been painting for over 25 years using acrylics and oils on hardboard panels, driftwood, and wooden buoys. During the summer, Charlene, along with a few other artists, displays some of her traditional artwork at the Halls Harbour wharf at "Paints & Pots". When she was a young child she often made money to buy coloring books by picking dandelion greens and selling them in large paper grocery bags. She charged ten cents per bag. With her new coloring book she would rush home and lie on the kitchen floor coloring every page and adding things to the picture, such as curtains in a window or lace trim on a dress. Charlene enjoys painting folk art because “it is like being a child again. It is fun and relaxing and I can do anything I want when I have the paintbrush in my hand. No rules.” 

(Photo - Charlene at home - Click on photo for a larger view)

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