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Vivian Bell Zinck

Vivian Bell Zinck

Starting at an early age, Vivian created unique pieces of art sculpture which over the years she has given to friends as gifts. A major turning point in her her life came when she met her now life partner Wally Zinck, a maritime artist. Through Wally's encouragement support Vivian dedicated herself full time to her art and held first exhibition in the summer of 1988. She continues to exhibit in public places and her works hang on the walls of collectors from around the world.

Now living on the South Shore of Nova Scotia in a cabin on 100 acres of woodland, Vivian is now specializing in creating life images, using pressed plant material, which she gathers from her surroundings, as her medium.

Artist's Statement

"I have been blessed to have been bestowed this incredible gift of natural artistic talent. Being self taught, my ideas, methods & creativity all come from within my soul. While working on pieces of art I often experience deja vu. Without prior knowledge of methods or mediums, I often seem to know how to complete the ideas I dream up and the overwhelming feeling "I have done this before" always amazes me. If there is truth to reincarnation, then possible I am an example of this phenomenon" .

Our Vivian Bell Zinck Collection
Laundry Day Beaver Mountie Lunenburg Bump in Cowboy Boots Lunenburg Bump in Sou'wester Loon-a-burger Penguin in Top Hat and Bow Tie
Buttercup & Tulip Petal Fish