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Kanamit Chef Title - The ET - Kanamit Chef       Artist - Fabienne Leydecker

Description - A large signed wooden carving of a Kanamit Chef getting ready to serve Man.

Inspired by a 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone in which an alien race, the Kanamits, land on earth. The Kanamits have learned to speak English and they address the United Nations to explain that they came to Earth to help humanity. The Kanamits instruct humans how to stop hunger, how to create cheap energy, how to render nuclear weapons harmless, and how to change deserts into lush fields. Meanwhile, a cryptographer works on deciphering a book that one of the Kanamits left behind at the UN. Soon humans start to volunteer for trips back to the Kanamit’s planet which has been described as paradise. The cryptographer has translated the Kanamit book title as “To Serve Man” and this encourages more humans to sign up for the spaceship trip. As the spaceship readies to leave with its human cargo, the cryptographer finishes deciphering the book and rushes to the spaceship but is stopped by a Kanamit guard. The cryptographer shouts out to the spaceship occupants in vain, “Get off…To Serve Man is a cookbook.” At the end of the episode Rod Serling comments about man's devolution from "dust to dessert" and from ruler of a planet to "an ingredient in someone's soup."

Dimensions (inches) -  50h x 22w x 13d       Weight  70 lb  

Price $425.00    Item#  lf11  

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