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Chauvet Cave Horse
Title - Chauvet Cave Horse    Artist - Jim Smith

Photo of the Chauvet Cave horse Photo of Chauvet Cave wall
estimated to be over 30,000 years old

Description - A finely carved wood rendering of a cave drawing found on the Chauvet cave wall in southern France. Jim has added hooves so that the model might stand firmly on the ground. The carving is made of pine.

The Chauvet Cave was discovered in 1994 on a limestone cliff by three cave explorers who had to remove fallen stones that blocked their passage.  One of the explorers was Jean-Marie Chauvet for whom the cave was named. The cave is considered one of the most significant prehistoric art sites. Hundreds of animal paintings have been found of horses, lions, hyenas, rhinoceroses, mammoths, panthers and bears.
The cave has been sealed off to the public since its discovery but a facsimile, Pont d'Arc Cavern, is open to the public.

Dimensions (inches) -  16h x 25w x 6d    Weight 8 lbs

 Item# sj05      Price $600.00

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This is a large and heavy carving.
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