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Model of a prehistoric ivory horse found in German cave
Title - Model of Ivory Horse    Artist - Jim Smith

The actual prehistoric ivory carving
The Hohlenstein Stedel Ivory Horse
(over 30,000 years old)

The Hohlenstein-Stadler Cave opening
The Hohlenstein Stedel Cave Entrance

Description - A finely carved wood rendering of a carved ivory horse found in the Hohlenstein-Stedel cave. The carving is made of pine.

The Hohlenstein-Stadel cave is located at the southern rim of the Lone Valley in southern Germany. The cave has been excavated since the 1860’s and has yielded many prehistoric ivory carvings dating over 30,000 years old. The cave is now a World Heritage Site.

Dimensions (inches) -  8h x 10w x 4d    Weight 3 lbs

 Item# sj07      Price $260.00

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