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Crossing the LaHave River (April 9, 2012) 

(photo - Frank Corkum in his workshop)
  The quickest way to visit Frank Corkum in Pleasantville requires a ride on the LaHave cable ferry.  During most of the day the ferry makes four crossings every hour and through the dead of night it remains on call from either side. During the 7 minute trip you don't have time to get your sea legs but if you do step out of your car you will enjoy the sea breeze and ocean smell. During the summer sometimes there is musical entertainment. Each crew of the ferry works a 12 hour shift.

  On the way to the ferry, in Middle LaHave, you will pass St Marks Place, a restoration project by its new owner Jim Lindner. The original Lutheran church was disbanded in 2005. Jim is a preservationist and doesn't know to what purpose the restored building will be put but it won't become a restaurant nor a gift shop he assures us.

St Marks Place
St Marks Place - a renovated
Lutheran Church

The Brady E Himmelman cable ferry
on the LaHave River

Captain Tom in the ferry's

  Frank Corkum lives along Mount Pleasant road on an old farmstead. His workshop is rickety but he is used to it and wouldn't consider changing it.  A ramshackle barn still provides good dry storage. Frank was a carpenter by trade but now is retired and mainly spends his time carving folk art pieces.  He has been carving for 40 years. In the '50's Frank was a member of the Navy League Cadets.

  Returning home we travel west on highway 331 to Crescent Beach, a fine white sand beach and never very crowded. During the summer we sometimes travel further to Green Bay beach with our kayak for a paddle and a fish & chips lunch at Macleod's Canteen.  And on the way back to the ferry we always stop at the LaHave Bakery for whatever looks good. (WMiller)

Crescent Beach
Crescent Beach washed
by a very high tide
Macleods at Green Bay
Macleod's Canteen at
Green Bay
La Have Bakery
The LaHave Bakery - in spite
of the sign