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Joe Winters - Folk Artist (December 20,2013)
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(photo- Joe Winters at the 2012 Lunenburg
Folk Art Festival)

While serving in the Canadian Navy, Joe took up painting and carving in his spare time. He retired in 1996 to his Liverpool workshop and began carving and painting on a larger scale.  He created bears, cats, eagles, totem poles and cigar store Indians. His work soon became well-known and sought after by collectors.

In 1998, Joe entered carvings at the Shelburne county exhibition and won first prize with a carving of Natalie MacMaster's fiddle.  He had met Natalie in Liverpool and was impressed with her fiddle.

In 1999, Joe was commissioned by the Fort Point Lighthouse Park of Liverpool to carve a likeness of Private Henry Pine, a member of the King's Orange Rangers (ca 1783). (see photo in right hand column)

Joe carved a number of small figures for the White Point Lodge of Liverpool but they were all destroyed in 2011 when a fired razed the whole building. The lodge was rebuilt within a year using local labour and materials. Robert and Alicia Risley, owners of the White Point Lodge, asked Joe to carve more little seamen figures.

(1) Joe, Robert and Alicia Risley, at White Point Lodge in 2013.
     The little seamen are named Elliot, Robert, Joe & Lester.
(2) Lobster Fisherman.
(3) A privateer now in the Queens Place Emera Center, Liverpool.

For his help in restoring artwork lost in the White Point Lodge fire, Vicki Conrad, MLA, Queens, introduced a resolution in the House of Assembly to "recognize and congratulate Joe Winters for his creative work in restoring the White Point experience".

Many of Joe's works now reside in different countries.  Below, Joe with Ramon Rodriguez Auduion at the Lunenburg Folk Art Festival. Ramon was making a purchase for the soon-to-be completed International Naive Art Museum in Segovia, Spain,

Some of Joe's more recent relief painting/carvings
(1) Busy Port     (2) Painting the Boat

The Bluenose at Lunenburg Harbour
A new relief painting/carving

1st prize winner
a carving modeled after
Natalie MacMaster's

Private Henry Pine at the
Fort Point Lighthouse Park

The Old White Point Lodge

The new White Point Lodge

And of course, Joe will carve a risque piece now and then

Bathing Lady
This carving resides in
a church that has been
relocated to Kingsburg,
Nova Scotia