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Darren Moreash - Master Marionettist
(April 11, 2016

Darren is a master carver of marionettes who has created many little wooden clones of well-known personalities as well as humble ordinary folks. He grew up in Cowie Hill, a subdivision of Halifax, and now operates out of his home in Harrietsfield, a rural residential community of Halifax.

His first marionette was carved in the 90's as a Christmas gift to a girlfriend. Much later, while working at a pottery store, he caved a marionette likeness of Alice Cooper (an American singer, song writer, and musician) and presented it to his co-worker Julie. The two were later married.

Darren and Julie have been running their marionette business since the turn of the century and for the past six years have been increasingly involved with celebrity marionettes. Darren started carving rock stars and presenting them to the performers in exchange for free concert tickets. Now, when he has free time, he carves to fulfill orders and requests. Julie applies paint, doll's hair and any clothing that is required.

Darren has been contacted by people all over North America and the UK as his marionettes have become sought after. People have sent photos and ordered marionettes through email at

A Few of Darren's Recent Creations

Edward Scissorhands
from the movie

Guy Lafleur
Hockey Star

Marty & Doc
from Back to the Future


Characters from the show "Sons of Anarchy"
auctioned at a recent fund-raiser for the show

Tennis Star & Master Curler

 from Sleeping Beauty

Alan Doyle
from Great Big Sea

Darren and his Weird Al Yankovic Collection

Weird Al Yankovic and
very little Weird Al

Van Gogh
 is that an ear in the box?